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Inside Marketing - Magazine Online

Inside Marketing - Magazine Online - Anthea Consulting

Inside Marketing è un magazine online che esplora l’universo del marketing e della comunicazione, prestando particolare attenzione agli spunti offerti dal marketing digitale. Il magazine, rivolto ad un target giovane e dinamico, si
propone come punto di riferimento e fonte di informazione per appassionati e professionisti del settore. Attraverso la raccolta e l’elaborazione di dati relativi allo scenario globale del Web Marketing, cerca di offrire un valido supporto
informativo per operare al meglio nel settore digital analizzandone evoluzioni e mutamenti.


Potentialpark - Anthea Consulting

Social and professional networks, the rise of mobile recruitment and the needs of a highly skilled but also demanding generation have rapidly changed the HR world. From our annual OTaC Study to our student network Entrypark and the Employer Branding campaign Blind Applying - together Potentialpark Group is reshaping the future of Online Talent Communication.
Our media outlet Entrypark is the network for students worldwide, helping them to find the best matched employer for their early career. Together with Blind Applying, a global Employer Branding campaign – Entrypark is supporting students to build a career, not just helping them find a job!


Makelove - Anthea Consulting

makelove is a full service employer branding agency.
We are the agency that can make employees love your company.
Our aims are building employer brands and carrying out integrated campaigns. Our tools are effective ideas and innovative technologies.

What makelove does:
• figures out the needs of the client and prepares a brief
• audits the brand, conducts internal (within the company) and external (among potential jobseekers) research
• analyzes the results and develops a strategy
• develops the EVP and the creative and visual concepts of the brand
• determines possible ways and channels of communication with the target audience
• works with the audience (creates a job-portal and groups in social networks, prepares advertorials, organizes events in universities or employer’s office)
• after some time conducts another research to see what has changed in attitude to the employer


Roialty - Anthea Consulting

ROIALTY is the digital loyalty platform (web, social, mobile) that allows a brand to develop the potential of 'engagement' in social media & digital communities by increasing their involvement through Gamification & rewarding. It gives a boost to awareness, conversions and purchases on the e-commerce and retail channels monitoring the full range of interaction metrics needed to measure the ROI (Return On Investment) of each digital campaign.
ROIALTY rewards authenticated users connecting their social profiles and offers them some targeted 'missions', based on their socio-demographics, preferences and interests. Each mission engages the user in content creation & publishing on blogs and social media or in promotion of product/service initiatives through likes and sharing as well as participating in surveys.